Links we think are interesting and useful:

South Wales

Further afield

Ethical Living/ Shopping

Organic Gardening

Books that have changed our lives 

Non Fiction 
Small is Beautiful: E F Schumacher 
Soil and Soul: Alistair McIntosh
Mans Search for Meaning: Vivtor Frankel
Let Your Life Speak: Parker J Palmer 
The Establishment (and how they get away with it)
& Chavs; (The demonization of the working class): Owen Jones 

Ecology/ The environment/ Sustainability
A Rough Ride to the Future: James Lovelock
The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy: Aaran Stibbe
Cradle to Cradle: Michael Braungart and William McDonough
Prosperity without Growth : Tim Jackson
Making Globalization work: Joseph E. Stiglitz
Evil Paradises; Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism: Mike Davis and Daniel Bertrand Monk 
Sacred Economics: Charles Eisenstein 
The End of Growth: Richard Heinberg
Confessions of an Economic Hitman: John Perkins 

And not forgetting the films

A Force More Powerful: Dir. Steve York
Mc Libel: Dir. Franny Armstrong
The End of Poverty?: Dir. Philippe Diaz 
Inside Job: Dir. Charles Ferguson
Baraka & Samsara: Dir. Ron Fricke 
Dear Governor Como 
Food Inc: Dir. Robert Kenner