Upcycling Workshop

thumbnail_IMG_4678Upcycling is a big part of our life here at the Lavender Project. We strive to make everything we need from old bits, things being chucked away or superfluous items the world just has too much of.  For us it’s not a fashion, but a way to make sure we’re not adding to the demand for precious resources that come from the earth.

This group used bags and tops as their inspiration, but Upcycling can be used for making absolutely anything, from Jewellery to Houses!

On Saturday I met a brilliant bunch at St Teilo’s Church in Llandeilo. Already a talented group, I hardly had to do much teaching, but I introduced some new techniques intended to make it easier to make beautiful things from repurposed and reclaimed items…and just downright rubbish!

We did some couching:

Some plastic fusing

and some patchwork

After just a few hours the piles of junk were transformed!


A old damaged duvet cover…


Some discarded plastic packaging…


A lovely bag by our youngest member;

she made this from an old t-shirt!


This iPad will always have a safe place to snuggle when it’s not being used.

I loved this bag made of an old jacket and scarf!

If you have a community/school or friendship group interested in Upcycling please contact us on thelavenderproject2016@gmail.com

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